Saturday, February 28, 2009


Tonight was the kids' school's biggest fundraiser of the year, the Montesoirre. We went for the first time, and we had a good time! They have a dinner, dancing (ha! I didn't see any dancing), a silent auction, and a live auction. Each class makes a quilt that gets auctioned off. They were all SO cute!! Each class also had an amazing photo collage that I really wanted! I hadn't planned on bidding on anything, but the quilt for Hannah's class wasn't going for very much so I bid and won it! The elementary class quilt went for $1200!!!! I got Hannah's for a mere $150.

Here is Hannah's class quilt. Hannah's bird is in the top right corner.

Here is Elijah's class quilt. His 'firefighter' is the first square in the 3rd row.

Our table mates for tonight's dinner were, Zack's parents (aka Ted and Tammy)

and Walker's parents (Suzanne and Bill)... Hannah's future in-laws!!

We also sat with Seamus' parents but I guess they weren't at the table when Pete snapped the photos! I think Ted got a picture of Pete and myself, so maybe he'll email it to me :)